78 rpm Recordings of European Jewish Music

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About This Site

This site is a personal project of Michael Aylward. Mr Aylward is a freelance translator specialising in insurance.  His non-insurance translation work includes:

Herbert Marcuse; Karl Popper; Revolution or Reform? A Confrontation. (Chicago: New University Press, 1976)

Horst J.P. Bergmeier; Ejal Jakob Eisler; Rainer E. Lotz; Vorbei - Beyond Recall : A Record of Jewish Musical Life in Nazi Berlin 1933-1938 (Bear Family Records, 2000)

In addition to discographical research, his hobbies include gardening, foraging for nuts and berries and curling up and sleeping most of the winter.  He loathes spring and summer and fears that he has recently become a grumpy old man.


Please contact the author with any inquiries at gramofon@last.demon.co.uk


Thanks to Joel Bresler for appointing himself my webmaster. I would have been incapable of doing this website myself and without Joel's assistance it simply would not exist.

Over the years I have been helped by countless hundreds of individuals. There are simply too many to list here, but special thanks must go to:

  • Janet Topp-Fargion and Jane Harvell of the National Sound Archive in London;
  • Ruth Edge and her staff at the EMI Sound Archive;
  • Ewa Krysiak and Pani Wróblewska at the Biblioteka Narodowa in Warsaw;
  • Józef Gelston, Valeria Ieseanu, Dina Levias, Silvia Paveggio and Helen Winkler for procuring otherwise unattainable source material for me;
  • Joel Rubin and Rita Ottens for their continuing generous support and advice and invaluable technical information on Jewish music and recordings; and

Alan Kelly, David Anderson, Arthur Badrock, Roger Beardsley, Blanche Belfer, Stephen Berr, Ilan Biber, John Bolig, Joel Bresler, Paul Cleary, Bill Dean-Myatt, John DeMetrick, Julian Futter, Norman Field, Misha Gavrilovich, Pekka Gronow, Michael Gunrem, Alex Hartov, Gilbert Humbert, Tony Langford, Karsten Lehl, Tomasz Lerski, Dr Rainer Lotz, Alain Mitzmacher, Peter Nahon, Dr Risto Pekka Pennanen, Mike Richter, Dick Spottswood, Hugo Strötbaum, Nathan Tinanoff, Paul Vernon, Bret Werb, Kurtis Williams and Jeffrey Wollock for much discographical information and advice.


This site is dedicated to my long-suffering mother and late father who for so many years tolerated and continue to endure my obsessions and the chaos that trails in their wake.

I also wish to dedicate the site to two outstanding personalities - the English discographer Alan Kelly and Leonard Prager, doyen of Yiddish studies.

The overwhelming generosity and assistance I received from Alan in the early days gave my project the impetus it needed to truly get off the ground. Everything I know about the work of the discographer I learnt from him.

As for Leonard Prager, words fail me. Leonard died a few days ago (11 December 2008) after a lifetime spent rescuing Yiddish from near oblivion. He was greatly interested in this project and I was looking forward so much to presenting him with this website.

 Both men are supreme examples of the enormous difference a single individual can make to the world.

Posted 22 December 2008.

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